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My skills as a graphic artist have gradually been improved, since I often meet new acquaintances who need my skills. I’ve been very active in the danish e-sports community, where I’ve had several leadership positions, and therefor also made several of there graphics.

Furthermore, I did an internship in a graphics department at a firm where I worked with their customers while being taught. The customers shown below are from a brochure that was made during my internship. Unfortunately I never had direct contact with the customers and was purely given assignments.

I’ve taken several courses within graphic design and been taught by many different mentors, so by now I’ve gotten a great eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. I mostly do graphic design for websites, logos, banners, print packages and photo edits. My graphic work is mostly about communication between myself and the customer, I go back and forth during the process to find exactly the design my customs are searching for, even though it often requires a lot of suggestions and conversations.

I usually use the Adobe suite, my tablet, as well as the traditional pencil & paper to reach my final results. I still have a lot to learn about graphic design and therefor research the subject vigorously during and inbetween projects.

When first you develop a taste for graphics design, it’s hard to not produce something just for the fun of it.
Something as simple as photoshopping your friends, or making yourself a wallpaper, is a lovely and rewarding hobby with several hours of entertainment in it.

I’ve done a lot of graphics work since I took my first course in photoshop back in 2009, and I’ve never stopped since, which also means I’ve made a lot of different projects throughout time.