To me the feeling of working intensely with something that doesn’t look entirely right, and then suddenly getting the exact look you were after, is exactly what motion graphics is about. That feeling is a huge part of what’s involved in making short movies and intros. The idea of animating things is exciting and it’s also a part of what drives me towards what I work with in motion graphics.

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Most of my experience in motion graphics comes from school work, since there’s been a bunch of different projects throughout my educations that have involved video editing or animation. That is also how I learned all the programs that I use to create everything I know about, within movies, 2D animation, etc.
Some of the programs I know are After Effects, Cinema 4D, Element 3D, Sony Vegas, Photoshop and a bunch of different plugins.


Below is one of the experiments I did in my spare time, where I experimented with different results.

Here is one of my school projects, where we were told to make an awards intro.