This is my graduation project at 3D College Denmark, we had two weeks to create a thorough project within our own speciality, so I chose a game project, and to make it a little challenging, something I had never worked with before, a modular game environment, consisting of a lot of individual parts, in order to create a never ending hallway.

As I have shown, I started by finding references and configurations during the first two days.
From there I figured out how many parts I would need to make and work with, based on my schedule.

Since the project was going as planned, I felt I could challenge myself a little more and decided to learn a new program I that I had been looking at, this was to help preventing that I’d finish before time and produce a better product.
So I bought Quixel Suite and have yet to regret it, even though learning the program took longer than expected, it also gave me the result I was looking for in the end, and I was very pleased with it.
The project was delivered in Unity and I left with a grade of 10 (That’s a B+ on the ECTS-Scale) for the rapport and delivered project.

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Above here is the product, put together in a way that shows one way to configure the individual parts.

My time schedule really helped and I was quickly absorbed in my work, so I didn’t have any thoughts in my head other than working on the project.

Below here are the individual parts of my product, shown as they are pieced together, since there is a total of 22 parts, altogether. I really enjoyed working on this project, since it was a lot of fun to challenge myself and do something new.