This was a huge project, assigned to various different schools in Denmark, revolving around innovation. The project was proposed by Aarhus Airport, and was about innovating various ideas presented by them, to get the airport up to date with the larger airports in Denmark.

The different schools each had their speciality within design and the groups were formed with this in mind, as the groups were mixed so no one knew each, in order to improve relationships between the different schools students.
Each group needed a leader, who was in charge of assigning jobs and sharing information between the mentors and students.

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My group consisted of two 3D students, three web students and myself.
The group decided on the assignment regarding “Waiting Time, where after I was assigned the role of group leader, since I was most qualified in the group.
We had two weeks for the project, then there would be a big convention with presentations of each groups work, in front of among others, the airport, the mayor and our teachers.

After having spent a while brainstorming to find the most innovative approach to the project, we decided to go in the direction of optimising the waiting time and entertainment in the waiting lounge, which then lead to an educational videos for the screens in the airport, with a slightly humoristic approach, as well as a smart-phone via a QR code. This way both web & 3D students had work to do during the project.

The project went as planned and we had a nice, well-rounded project to present to the judges at the due date.
We agreed internally that I should be the one that should present the project,since I was the one who came up with the original idea, and had the best understanding of the project among us.

The presentation went as planned and the judges approved of the project, which lead to us winning first place within innovation and best presentation of our project, as shown on the pictures.

On top of that, I was awarded a prize for best group leader by my own group, of which I’m proud of.

Here are the videos we used for our presentation, whereto Aarhus Airport said they might use the idea and would contact us.

The videos are a mix of 2D graphics, 3D animation and motion graphics.