This project was a school project from my study at 3D College Denmark and was completed during our school trip to Seattle, where we attended Washington University and had various professionals within their professions (Including, but not limited to VFX, Game Design, etc.), among others a guy from “Sucker Punch Productions”, who had several years of experience in the game industry.

Our assignment was to create a video game demo with background story, game play and a few mechanics We had a month to complete the assignment, after which we were to present it to our fellow students, teachers, the team from Experience America, and then receive feedback as well as documentation that we completed a course at Washington University.

My group consisted of very motivated people and we quickly started brainstorming the project and found our idea.

Originally we wanted to make a 2D fighting game because we all loved the genre and it seemed like it was simple enough to accomplish in a month.
Our first two weeks were spent doing concept art, level design (which I was in charge of modeling) and making a character controller.
It wasn’t till the second week we realized that we’d overreached and the character controller was much harder to develop than we had anticipate, with our knowledge of the subject at the time.

We then spent a day discussing what to do, before agreeing that we’d dump our current project and start over with the last two weeks we had left.

It turned out that starting over with two weeks left was the right choice, even though we had to work twice as hard to accomplish the same quality of work as the other groups in time.
We went through the same steps as our original projects, except without the mistakes we made earlier, so the process didn’t take as long as it could have.
Most days were from 9am to 10 pm none stop, except lunch breaks, but we ended up with a result that we were all okay with and was delivered in a timely manner.

Above are some pictures from the project we delivered, which can be described as a 3D adventure puzzle game, much like Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, etc.
The story revolved around our character who was a time traveller, with a special watch to travel back and forth between time points in time, her assignment to rectify all the mistakes in the time stream.

The plan was there would be different characters in our story line who had the ability to travel in time, but where some of them had plans to disrupt the time stream, unfortunately we didn’t have time to develop it further.

Emil Haugaard

Concept Artist, Modeler.


Andreas Nørgaard Sørensen

Character Artist, Modeler.


Kal-el Rathje

Unity Setup, Prop Modeler.


Me "Mikkel Søgaard Jakobsen"

Level Desinger, Prop Modeler.