Mikkel Søgaard Jakobsen


Birth Year: 1994
Tlf. 25 15 16 29
Mail: ms5262@gmail.com
LinkedIn profil: linkedin.com/in/Mikkel-Søgaard

Personal and Professional Profile

I am a very productive 3D and 2D Designer with 6 years of experience in my professions. I have a long repertoire of programs, courses and educations behind me, furthermore I can contribute with an optimistic and talkative mood, which works wondrously in a group environment. I am very creative and innovative and enjoy immersing myself in my projects and am always proud to do my best when I’m working.

Most Used Programs

Adobe Photoshop
Quixel Suite 2
Visual Studio Code
Unreal Engine 4
Marmoset Tools
3D Coat
ZBrush 4R8
Substance Painter


3D College Videnjurs

3D / Animation / VFX, 3D Modeling / Animation / Motion Graphics / Photography


Aarhus Tech Web-Integrator

Web Developer / Web Integrator / Web Design / Project Planning


Courses and Continuing Education

Educational Courses

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Basic Drawing
  • Concept Art
  • Camera and Photography
  • Basic Unity
  • HTLM 5 and MySQL

Ohter Courses

  • Leadership and Communication
  • Scuba Rescue Diver
  • First Aid and Fire Rescue

Relevant Experience

Internship at SHPro Hoerning

Graphic Design / Graphic print / Client Communication


Spare time and Hobbies

I get energized by staying active, both physically and mentally. Therefor I train by running and going to the gym, and challenge myself mentally through my projects.

I relax best when I’m playing on my PC or PS4, with my best friends or just having fun. I am a very social person and therefor feel best surrounded by others, whether its in my ears or face to face doesn’t matter.